About us

“ARTPOT” is a collective founded by artists from various disciplines; music, photography, architecture and film.

Stichting Kunst en Cultuur Artpot

Starting in the beginning of 2019 at one of Rotterdam’s finest intimate venues, Salon D’ell Art, “ARTPOT” has been organizing house concerts, jamesessions, a regular podcast featuring local musicians.

Besides the musical activities, “ARTPOT” also has been providing support for cross disciplinary projects like: “Musicographics“, a project combining architecture and music by Murat Ali Cengiz. “Hood Stories”, a photography and documentary project of the society in Oude Noord, Rotterdam by Adem Gümrükçüler. “Piri”, a music/dance theatre project depicting the life and travels of Piri Reis, by Adnan Dura.

For the “ARTPOT” family, the most important aspect of a sustainable artistic life is to build and support a society. If you have a concept or a project that brings artists together, we are more than willing to cooperate and help you realize your vision together.

Adem Gümrükçüler

Media Manager

Çisem Özkurt

Head of Operations

Aktaş Erdoğan


Adnan Dura

A&R Scout

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