We’re excited to announce our latest project, ‘Music for Inclusion’.This project is designed for immigrants living in the European Union, with the aim of using music to promote diversity and inclusion. Through activities such as Co-Creation Workshops, Study Visits to Nice and Rotterdam, Joint Rehearsals with visiting musicians, and Music 4 Inclusion workshops, we hope to create a platform for people to express themselves and connect with one another. The project will culminate in a Dissemination Event and Concert, and we’ll use conventional and digital media channels to share our message. We can’t wait to see this project’s positive impact and look forward to sharing updates with you along the way.

This project is for Social workers, adult educators and trainers, experts and researchers, music therapists, Amateur or professional migrant/immigrant musicians or those who have an immigrant background: musicians and musicologists.

Stichting will be a responsible organization in The Netherlands. We will be sharing all the details about this project very soon on our website and on our socials. So keep your eye on this project you are more than welcome!

This project is coordinated by Halewynstichting vzw and funded by European Union Commission special thanks for making it possible.

In collaboration with our partners Halewynstichting vzw, MindHUB (Belgium) and Les Creatives de Demain (France)

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